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Re: Debian, universal operating system?

Adam Borowski wrote:
> > Quoting "Ron Johnson" <ron.l.johnson@cox.net>:
> >> On 2009-07-26 17:00, Miles Bader wrote:
> >> Anyone who *really* thinks that Debian actually, seriously claims
> >> to be The One True Universal OS has been in the basement way too
> >> long,  and needs a little sunshine, drink some beer and go where
> >> there are  lots of pretty girls.
> >
> > However, Debian is unique with its (controlled?) expansion in several  
> > directions (just like the Universe): it is expanding (fast) as  
> > developers and users, as packages and bugs, and last but not least as  
> > kernels and libc's ;-). Surely, that looks quite universal to the pretty 
> > girls.
> Amaya, can you confirm? :p

I can confirm there is a competition about who here has more stupid
believes about prettiness and women. I don't believe myself to be
pretty, and I have met plenty of both pretty and not so pretty geek
girls that have no problem at all getting the quircks about Operating
Systems or the C library in a Unix-like OS.

Regarding pretty girls, fuck your fascist beauty standards. Stop making
invisible all the women you don't consider pretty. Stop making this
attribute (perceived beauty) the center of the qualities of those ones
you do find pretty.

News at eleven! Women don't want the attention. We do not care. But we
do care that your evaluation becomes a criteria for visibility or
acceptance. I Blame The Patriarchy.

Anything else to confirm? :)

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