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Re: Replies from linux.* (was: Final text of GPL v3)

MJ Ray wrote:
> The gateway is two way, but you need to register with Marco d'Itri's
> linux-gate service at
> http://lists.bofh.it/listinfo/linux-gate
> - you should have been told that by your newsserver, IIRC.
Ah, OK. My newsserver didn't tell me that because, er, I hadn't tried. I
hadn't considered that it would give a helpful error message.

> Alternatively, save the message to a file, strip the X-Original- parts
> from some headers and delete the original Date, References and Message-Id.
> With sed, I think it's something like this:
> #!/bin/sed -f
> 1i\
> >From news  Thu Mar 22 12:59:12 2007
> /^\(Date\|References\|Message-Id\)/I,/^\([A-Z]\|$\)/d
> /^X-Original-/s///
I'll go for the first solution. Less hassle, I think.

> Hope that helps,
It does. Thank you.

Iain Nicol

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