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Re: survival skills for teenage geeks

On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 01:39:27PM -0800, Alexander Hvostov wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 15:28, Vikki Roemer wrote:
> > 
> > Ah, the beauty of Linux! :)
> The beauty of X, actually. You'll find this on any X system, provided
> all of the X clients are capable of dealing with odd resolutions
> properly. Fortunately, they do seem to.

True.  But I use Linux, so... *shrug* :\

> > BTW, is the refresh rate what causes the flicker if I run certain
> > screensavers, do you think?  I've often wondered that.
> Usually, it's a software problem; the screensaver should be using double
> buffering, but isn't.
> <long-winded-description of="double buffering">
> </long-winded-description>

Fascinating.  Seriously.  Hmm, that explains a lot...

> > BTW, tomorrow is the computer club meeting, when we start getting
> > ready to set up the cluster-- hopefully we won't have any snow. :)
> Have fun!

Well, Thursday was supposed to be the meeting but the vice president
couldn't come, so it's been postponed again-- it'll (maybe, hopefully)
be Tuesday. *sigh*  But I stayed and started installing Debian on one
of the nodes-- the only thing was, I couldn't figure out what the NIC
was and what driver it needed.  That was after I replaced the bad root
floppy (I'm doing a floppy/internet install, that's why I needed the
network card), and had to figure out how to partition the HD. *sigh*

Hopefully, everything will work out better Tues.

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