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Re: apt-get ruled...

Actually folks, this all seems normal to me.  It's the natural evolution of
information services:  a service is created for a practical reason, and then
someone adapts it so it can be used for porn, warez, and more recently MP3s.

Proof of my theory: BBSes, Usenet, IRC, WWW, FTP, Instant Messaging,
Hotline, Napster, and Freenet.  Gnutella, Scour, etc. *began* with porn,
warez, and MP3s.  I imagine the anticipated CDC Peekabooty with follow a
similar path.

Now except for the fact that there really is no linux warez community, I'd
expect warez-get to already be on the way.

Of course, mp3-get (or perhaps ogg-get), is still feasable...  except that
it would require some kind of decentralized architechture to be
successful...  Actually, you know, it could work...


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>On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 06:41:30PM +0200, tarzeau wrote:
>> hi
>> today in #debian wolfie told me...
>> [18:37:25] <wolfie> tarzeau: email debian-curiosa
>> first of all this is not meant to be offending or something.
>> we (me and some friends) just love apt-get so much...
> LOL :)  Ummm, interesting...
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