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Bug#727708: init system coupling etc.

Le vendredi 14 février 2014 à 13:50 +0000, Ian Jackson a écrit : 
> Josselin Mouette writes ("Bug#727708: init system coupling etc."):
> > In all cases, it is unacceptable to put the burden of implementing
> > logind on non-systemd systems on maintainers of packages that just need
> > the logind interfaces. If it is not available, software such as gdm3
> > will depend, directly or indirectly, on systemd as PID 1, and that will
> > be all.
> Firstly, I think the scenario where the required integration work is
> not done is unlikely.  But in that scenario, we have two choices:
>  (a) Effectively, drop all init systems other than systemd
>  (b) Effectively, drop GNOME

This looks very much like a false dichotomy to me.

You can have (c) GNOME depends on systemd.
Same for KDE and Xfce, BTW, since they are going in the same direction.

Desktop environments are not the only pieces of software in Debian.
Having them depend on systemd doesn’t prevent you from using other init
systems on machines that don’t have them installed.

> The doomsday scenario of choosing between (a) and (b) becomes less
> likely if we make it clear how bad it would be.  We need to provide
> appropriate backpressure to encourage upstream decisions that support
> the continued freedom of our users.

I don’t see how (c) looks bad. What’s the problem of limiting the scope
of non-default init systems? It’s not as if we will want the same level
of support for them than we want for the default init system.

In all cases, this situation happening or not is the result of the work
of people not interested in logind nor in desktop environments. Having
the decision to keep packages in Debian depend on the work of unrelated
people is preposterous.

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