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Bug#727708: call for votes on default Linux init system for jessie

My first and last message to this list.

To Those Who Understand

Time ago, Linux was conceived as a Unix like OS.  Thanks to internet it won
acceptance between hackers familiarized with Unix, guys that liked and valued
to have a Unix like OS at home.  That first enthusiasm made Linux grow to the
point some big companies put their eyes on it.  Linux started to be popular and
the dichotomy appeared.  The big public has no interest in command line
interface, the crowd has no interest in learning how to administering a Unix
like OS and learn all that shell scripting.  Read and write is annoying;
welcome to modernity.  What the crowd wants is fancy WYSIWYG friendly
interfaces (even in server machines), like in Windows, what the crowd wants is
fancy pop up notifications like in Windows, devices recognized and mounted on
the fly like in Windows, a fancy full resolution image with a progress bar
while booting, like in Windows.  Well, big companies sell what the crowd buy,
that's why they are big.  The modifications made in the name of *modernity* (to
give a Windows like OS to the crowd) that time ago just affected userland now
took the base system, init system and the kernel.  Like we all knew from the
first time, finally the cancer took the whole body.

Just the few that understand and value the idea behind Unix see the loss this
means to everybody.  But we are a minority, who cares? ;-)

To Those Who Don't Understand

Do you think on another OS while using Linux?  (does your wife think on another
man while having sex with you?)  Envy makes the world go round.

All the spaghetti code you see on most big Linux distributions is not sysv-init
fault.  Any doubt?  Give a try to Crux Linux (I mention Crux like an example,
not propaganda), read its rc files and see how it boots and you won't want to
hear about systemd/upstart tales anymore.

That you don't want to read and write bash scripts?  If you don't want to get
your hands dirty why do you use FOSS?


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