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Re: Need advice for cross building gammu

Hi Boian,

On Thu, Oct 21, 2021 at 09:53:04PM +0300, Boian Bonev wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions! I had already partially done part of the suggested
> changes, now I have merged the rest. The result is the same (as before touching
> that, also after touching it, and now with your patch):
> https://salsa.debian.org/debian/gammu/-/jobs/2104555
> Maybe I am missing something obvious, all my changes are in the repo above.

That's kinda embarrassing. It looks like everything you did was correct.
The issue is with the salsa-ci stuff. To verify that, I suggest that you
actually upload it and see what http://crossqa.debian.net/src/gammu
says, but I do expect that it works there. So your initial attempt
(before contacting us) was correct and salsa-ci made you think it was
not. :-(

So what's the issue with salsa-ci here? The integration was mainly
authored by IOhannes (CC'ed, thanks!). It install build dependencies
using this script:

It uses mk-build-deps and I would have expected the --build-dep option
there as otherwise it would also install Build-Depends-Indep which would
lead to the issue we see here.

salsa-ci.yml also has a ".test-build-package-any" and it seems to also
use that script here which means that it actually installs
Build-Depends-Indep for performing an arch-only build. So I checked the
relevant step for your pipeline and voila:

It really does install python3-sphinx, which is listed in B-D-I for an
arch-only build.

I'm pretty sure at this point that the fault is with salsa-ci and hope
that IOhannes can give some more insight here.


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