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When programs like word processors, spread sheets, games and such are available it will really take off.

News Releases Warming Investors Up On GPSI

Global Pay Solutions Inc.
Symbol: GPSI
Close: $0.031

Recent news releases have excited investors. Heavy trading pushed share
prices up to highs of $0.08 (UP 266%). Closing at $0.031 (UP 3%) we
expect to see more traffic and prices shooting up all week. This one is
getting started. Don't miss it. Get on GPSI first thing Tuesday!

In addition to making my business successful, Apple has touched our
lives at home.
It is because the "enlighted" souls out there that use Apple products,
use it for one reason and one reason only: Productivity. Spare batteries
are de rigeur to these kids or they become despondent.
A cell phone company or a computer company?
I don't understand the comments about the iPhone being big and bulky.
Those are some nifty bonuses as far as I'm concerned. " I think the
terms "research" and "technological change" are important to consider.
" I think the terms "research" and "technological change" are important
to consider. Now I can take my calendar, contacts, email, favorite
websites, etc. Besides, the iTunes connection is unique.
One remark: Our "competitor" who is also a friend runs a similar
operation on wintel boxes. Comments may dispute viewpoints and claims in
articles and other comments, but may not attack the authors of articles
or other commenters. Thanks to all contributors, for enlightening me on
the upcoming iPhone release in the US. No problem, just download them.
A MUST-HAVE for anyone visible in business, as well as the geeks, celebs
and anyone else who can afford it.
So kudos to mitchell for pointing that out. Unfortunately, I live in an
area that does not have a Cingular signal so the iPhone is not an option
for me.
Palm users will migrate to the iPhone. We could care less about the
"Phone" in iPhone.
It will be not putting in an easily replaceable battery. And I don't
want to send it away nor be without it for any length of time to have a
battery replaced. This is enforced to maintain the quality of the
community and to prevent discussion descending to useless mud-slinging.
I would break my contract with Verizon without hesitation if Cingular
was available in my area just to get the iPhone. Sorry to say, I have
owned PCs simultaneously with my Macs.

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