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RE: Dns refresh


please do NOT crosspost thus massively.

Before you post a question into a forum/mailing list/newsgroup  please 
check what that forum is aimed for.

debian-consultants@lists.debian.org is not intended for general user 
questions. However, if you need a consultant you would like to pay for, 
this is the correct place to ask for.

> 1 / Run  traceroute server_name  . 
> 2 / Check in the result where the old ip addresse is still used ? 
> May be the old ip is still used in a slave nameserver, which can be found 
> analysing the result you?ve got when running traceroute server_name .   
I suggest using 
dig +trace server_name

you will see which DNS server cached the old name.
then, if it is a Debian server and it uses Bind Version 9, you do:

rndc flush

if it uses Bind 8, you just restart the server.

if it uses Windoze Server, you either do
dnscmd.exe /ClearCache
or you upgrade it to Debian straight away, that will also flush the DNS 

if only your Windoze 2000, XP or 2003 Client misbehaves, you either do 
ipconfig /flushdns
or upgrade to Debian as said.

> Hope that help.

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massive x-post! :-((

> Objet : Dns refresh

> Hello, I have a server and I changed the ip number of the server and the
> nameserver (and restarted the services) but when i try to reach the 
> it goes to the old ip. How can I make the dns to refresh the ip number?
> Thanks Thanks Thanks!.
> Santiago Francos
> Noc-Servilink WebHosting Argentina

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