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Re: Consultants list

Russell Coker wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Oct 1999, peter karlsson wrote:
> >Behan Webster:
> >
> >> Just in case anyone is interested, we've just listed our 90th consultant
> >> in 24 different countries.
> >
> >He's very mobile, eh?
> I have just requested to be added to the list.  During the past two years I
> have worked in three countries.  I am readily able to work anywhere in the
> EU, Australia, or New Zealand.  I am prepared to work in any other country
> as long as the rates are good and the VISA situation can be easily sorted out.
> I have requested that a new section of the consultants list be created for
> people like me.

The way to do this is to list multiple addresses (Although generally
those addresses are at least in the same country).

Since you have a phone number, at the very least you have a country of

The Address field has always been mandatory for all listed consultants.


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