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Re: Best way to build a Singularity image from a cloud.d.o image ?

On Mon, Jan 04, 2021 at 09:53:52AM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> I am used to start building Singularity (https://sylabs.io/) images
> starting from Docker images, but the Debian images on Docker have not
> been updated for a while...

The Docker images should be actively maintained.  CCing tianon, who
should be able to provide more details there.  It may simply be a case
of him being on vacation this time of year.

> I have searched on what is the best way to build Singularity images
> directly from tar.gz or qcow2 images as I see these formats on
> cloud.debian.org, but found nothing inspiring... Does any of you have
> some recommendation?

The tar.xz files that we distribute on cloud.debian.org contain the
equivalent raw disk images to the qcow2 images that we distribute, so
they'll be similarly useful.  Whichever format you use, you'd likely
need to mount the filesystems locally and extract the filesystem
components you're interested in.  I'm not sure that'd be much easier
than running debootstrap directly or customizing the debuerreotype tool
used in Docker image generation.

I'm not super familiar with singularity, but I'm not sure the cloud
images are the right place to start.  They're built targeting VMs, not
containers, and as such have a lot of content that isn't appropriate for
a container.  But, if you do want to try deriving from the cloud images,
starting from one of the "nocloud" images is probably your best bet.
It'll have the fewest hooks into cloud infrastructure.  Try something


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