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adt-run: DBG: testbed command ['test', '-e', '/tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree'], kind short, sout raw, serr raw, env []
adt-run: DBG: testbed command exited with code 0
adt-run: DBG: copydown: tb path /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree already exists
adt-run [01:36:25]: test junit-subsequentcheck: [-----------------------
adt-run: DBG: testbed command ['bash', '-c', 'set -e; export USER=`id -nu`; . /etc/profile >/dev/null 2>&1 || true;  . ~/.profile >/dev/null 2>&1 || true; buildtree="/tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree"; mkdir -p -m 1777 -- "/tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/junit-subsequentcheck-artifacts"; export ADT_ARTIFACTS="/tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/junit-subsequentcheck-artifacts"; export ADTTMP=$(mktemp -d --tmpdir adttmp.XXXXXX); export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive; export LANG=C.UTF-8; export DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=$(grep -c ^processor /proc/cpuinfo | sed \'s/^0$/1/\'); unset LANGUAGE LC_CTYPE LC_NUMERIC LC_TIME LC_COLLATE   LC_MONETARY LC_MESSAGES LC_PAPER LC_NAME LC_ADDRESS   LC_TELEPHONE LC_MEASUREMENT LC_IDENTIFICATION LC_ALL;rm -f /tmp/adt_test_script_pid; set -C; echo $$ > /tmp/adt_test_script_pid; set +C; trap "rm -rf $ADTTMP /tmp/adt_test_script_pid" EXIT INT QUIT PIPE; chmod 755 $ADTTMP; cd "$buildtree"; chmod +x /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree/debian/tests/junit-subsequentcheck; touch /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/junit-subsequentcheck-stdout /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/junit-subsequentcheck-stderr; /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree/debian/tests/junit-subsequentcheck 2> >(tee -a /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/junit-subsequentcheck-stderr >&2) > >(tee -a /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/junit-subsequentcheck-stdout); '], kind test, sout raw, serr raw, env []
====== Patching the tree to only build Java-based unittests against an existing installation ======
patching file jurt/Module_jurt.mk
patching file postprocess/Module_postprocess.mk
patching file solenv/gbuild/JavaClassSet.mk
patching file solenv/gbuild/JunitTest.mk
Hunk #1 succeeded at 55 (offset 1 line).
patching file solenv/gbuild/Module.mk
patching file solenv/gbuild/extensions/post_SkipBuild.mk
patching file solenv/gbuild/platform/unxgcc.mk

====== Generating configuration =======
====== Cleaning tree ======
rm -fr /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree/test-install
rm -fr /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree/instdir
rm -fr /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree/workdir

====== Enabling core dumps ======

====== Starting subsequentcheck with  job against path:/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice ======
Automatic fetching of external tarballs is disabled.
mkdir -p /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree/instdir
/tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree/solenv/bin/install-gdb-printers -a /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree/instdir -c
make -j 3  -rs -f /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/build.G5O/real-tree/Makefile.gbuild    subsequentcheck
[build JUT] chart2_unoapi
[build JUT] comphelper_complex
[build JUT] configmgr_unoapi
[build JUT] dbaccess_complex
[build JUT] dbaccess_unoapi
[build JUT] extensions_unoapi
[build JUT] forms_unoapi_1
[build JUT] forms_unoapi_2
[build JUT] forms_unoapi_3
[build JUT] forms_unoapi_4
[build JUT] forms_complex
[build JUT] framework_complex
[build JUT] framework_unoapi
[build JUT] juh
[build JUT] linguistic_unoapi
[build JUT] qadevOOo_unoapi
[build JUT] ridljar_typedesc
[build JUT] ridljar_uno
[build JUT] ridljar_util
[build JUT] sc_complex
[build JUT] sc_unoapi_1
[build JUT] sc_unoapi_2
[build JUT] sc_unoapi_3
[build JUT] sc_unoapi_4
[build JUT] sc_unoapi_5
[build JUT] sc_unoapi_6
[build JUT] sc_unoapi_7
[build JUT] sd_unoapi
[build JUT] sfx2_complex
[build JUT] sfx2_unoapi
[build JUT] sot_complex
[build JUT] starmath_unoapi
[build JUT] svl_complex
[build JUT] svtools_unoapi
[build JUT] svx_unoapi
[build JUT] sw_complex
[build JUT] sw_unoapi_1
[build JUT] sw_unoapi_2
[build JUT] sw_unoapi_3
[build JUT] sw_unoapi_4
[build JUT] toolkit_complex
[build JUT] ucb_complex
[build JUT] ucb_unoapi
[build JUT] unotools_complex
[build JUT] unoxml_complex
[build JUT] unordf_complex
[build JUT] xmloff_unoapi
adt-run: DBG: sending command to testbed: copyup /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/junit-subsequentcheck-stdout /tmp/adt-run.output.bkjzczum/junit-subsequentcheck-stdout
adt-run: DBG: got reply from testbed: ok
adt-run: DBG: sending command to testbed: copyup /tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc/junit-subsequentcheck-stderr /tmp/adt-run.output.bkjzczum/junit-subsequentcheck-stderr
adt-run: DBG: got reply from testbed: ok
adt-run [02:05:41]: test junit-subsequentcheck:  - - - - - - - - - - results - - - - - - - - - -
junit-subsequentcheck PASS
junit-subsequentcheck PASS
pyuno-import         PASS
adt-run: DBG: testbed stop
adt-run: DBG: testbed close, scratch=/tmp/adt-run.tQVlcc
adt-run: DBG: sending command to testbed: close

so what is the cp to tests-dir for?



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