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使用 Debian woody 的朋友,请测试最新的 UTF-8 XFree86 4.0.1-9

  使用 Debian woody 的朋友,请测试最新的 XFree86 4.0.1-9
(即上游的 4.0.1g 版)。是 Debian 的 XFree86 维护员 Overfiend 特别问的,
因为这个新版加了特别的 UTF-8 功能,所以想请大家测试一下。可惜我对这个不熟,
而且我仍然未升级至 Debian woody,所以只能请您们帮忙了。先谢了! :-)

  以下是较早前 Overfiend 和我在 #debian-devel 上的对话:

<Overfiend> hey Anthony, got a question for you
<Anthony>   Overfiend: Sure.  :-)
<Overfiend> Anthony: please check out 4.0.1-9; there have been several UTF-8
            functions added to Xlib, and I'm curious about the i18n
--- Overfiend is now known as O
<O>     + major new UTF-8 support in Xlib; new functions:
<O>       - Xutf8DrawImageString
<O>       - Xutf8DrawString
<O>       - Xutf8DrawText
<O>       - Xutf8LookupString
<O>       - Xutf8ResetIC
<O>       - Xutf8SetWMProperties
<O>       - Xutf8TextEscapement
<O>       - Xutf8TextExtents
<O>       - Xutf8TextListToTextProperty
<O>       - Xutf8TextPerCharExtents
<O>       - Xutf8TextPropertyToTextList
--- O is now known as Overfiend

<Anthony>  Overfiend: Hey, that's awesome!  Thanks!  :-)  However, I can't
           help personally, as I am still running potato.  :-p Would it be
           okay if I relay your message to debian-chinese-*@l.d.o so others
           like ygh (Saka) can try it out?  :-)
<Overfiend> Anthony: sure!
<Overfiend> Anthony: please do 

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foka@ualberta.ca, foka@debian.org    University of Alberta, Canada
   Debian GNU/Linux Chinese Project -- http://www.debian.org/zh/
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