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Special Offer 本期精選

Title: Bestwishes
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星之願是一個線上的名牌購物廣場,我們擁有許多全城熱賣的品牌,如 LV, Gucci, Christian Doir, Prada...,為會員提供全新或二手名牌手袋、皮鞋、服飾,買賣、寄賣、交換服務。
現凡於推廣期內,可以優惠價購買以下之精選貨品。 數量有限,欲購從速。
The following selected items are discounted during our promotional period. Stocks are limited, please act now!
Special Price: $2,100
優惠價: $2,100

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact us info@bestwishes.com.hk.

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