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Re: 如何配socks4代理的客戶端?

If I understand you right.. you get a win2k firewall and want socks4-clients in Debian? or the other
way around?
Either way you will need to know what port is open to communicate outside the wall... (not filtered)
Netscape know how to use a a proxy (your firewall) to communicate.. else.. you get to do some trick
to it..
Anyway... First thing first..
1, Test your client to server connection... (client ping server) if that not working.. :) somewrong
before the firewall..
2, Test the open port on server... (don't know win2k) by seting the port in Netscape proxy port to
your server config.
Hope that help

wgj wrote:

> 代理是一台win2000的機器,代理服務器是MSProxy,我安裝了socks4-clients,文檔很少,配置實在把我搞暈了。
>                     致
> 禮!

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