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Re: CDimages go 2 NET INSTALLERS

On Mon, Oct 31, 2022 at 01:39:09PM -0500, Fresh Air wrote:
> Hello,
> It's clear to me that you all do NOT check your own links on your website. 
> I'm trying to download a CD image, but wouldn't you know it, ALL TEN LINKS
> to the different archs go to the "Net instal" which only has three image
> files.  Do you even link bro?
> This is so basic it's just laughable, and really frustrating so something so
> BASIC.  How hard is it to link to the correct images?  So now, I can't even
> download a 700MB CD image today, and have to wait on you all to fix this.  I
> want the CD image, and I want to be able to have the torrent link.  Sure the
> "server" link works, but I'm not ever going to use that when I can use the
> torrent.  It's less to download than a 2.5 GB ("CD") image, which you'll
> notice if you were to check all your links.

https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-cd/debian-11.5.0-amd64-netinst.iso - is a CD image without firmware. Note the path - iso-cd indicates it
is a CD sized image.

Here's the corresponding image with included non-free firmware which you may
need for WiFi.

First image is directly available on the web as the first link. Second is noted
from the bottom of that download link. As it happens, for the next major
release of Debian, we're likely to release an image containing firmware
by default.

Torrent link is here: https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/cd-including-firmware/current/amd64/bt-cd/firmware-11.5.0-amd64-netinst.iso.torrent

That's directly from https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/cd-including-firmware/current/amd64/ - which is the directory above.

"Debian firmware torrent" into your favourite search engine will find you
the first three links. One to a live CD including firmware, one to how to
download Debian CD images and the third to the link I've given above.

Do you Google, bro?

With every good wish, as ever,

> Please, test your links BEFORE you publish them to your website.
> Thanks,
> Annoyed Linux user without working wireless drivers, and no I'm not going to
> run an Ethernet cable just to make it work.  So don't give the a net install
> for a CD IMAGE LINK.

Andy Cater 

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