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from a fellow business owner


I ran across your website and believe that we could both benefit from linking to each other, of course with no charge to both of us.

We recently hired a Search Engine Optimizer to optimize our website and get us a higher rank in Google, Yahoo and MSN, and one of the major factors is to work with other websites to exchange free links.

This would benefit both of us and raise both of our rankings and/or maintain our rankings if yours is already high, plus if you are now paying to advertise, this would also help reduce your advertising costs in time.

So what I'd like to do is set up a link to your page on mine (www.ccl-light.com) at no charge, and I am asking that you simply return the favor by posting a link to our website somewhere on yours.

If you are interested, please post the below link on your website and email me back letting me know and I'll post your link up too.

Link Title: Lighting made Affordable
URL: http://www.ccl-light.com

Bob Gentry
Contractors Choice Lighting
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