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How to make a CDROM distribution


Please let me know if this email should not be sent here, but either
to debian-boot or debian-users or other lists. Basically, I am
interested to put recent debian packages into a CDROM/RW -- so 
that I can update my PC at home which is not linked to the net.

Currently I am using a script like this:

% mkisofs -quiet -L -r -J -T -c boot.catalog -b \ 
 dists/stable/de2/disks-i386/current/images-2.88/bf2.4/rescue.bin \
 -m '*.iso' -V $DATE -o tmp/$IMAGE de2/

The problem is that I can not find any hints about how 
to modify "rescue.bin". 

Is there any "step-by-step" guide about:
* how to make a boot floopy?
* the script of building the Debian official CDROMs?
* the script of building "netinst"

The second problem is how to fetch debian packages. The current
apt tools a tightly related to the host on where it runs.
E.g. it will complain if fetching an existing package, etc.
I notice that even "jigdo" does not utilize the "apt" family.
Currently, I am extrating directly the information in
"Packages" for the package location information.

Last, I have no idea on how to check the dependencies.
Currently, overcome this problem by only fetching packages
from "dpkg --get-selections". Fortunately, the utility
"apt-ftparchive" will take care of multiple package

Thank you for any clues,

Rahmat M.  Samik-Ibrahim -- vLSM.org  -- http://rms46.vLSM.org --
Fingerprint F14C B03C 341F 2844 C094  819B 65FF B464 A5CA 4C15 --

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