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official "testing" images kernel modules...


Im having a problem with installing deb on a linux only system, from the
sarge 80mb package iso. I have read the FAQ and found out that you only
offer support for USB keyboards for floppy distributions. I have an USB only
system, and no floppy drive inside the box, so you can guess im stuck. I can
switch USB keyboard support inside the BIOS not to react from the OS, but
after the kernel loads im stuck there without a registered keypress (ie,
keyboard stops working).

I see how you save space or something for the floppies this way, but to
exclude USB keyboard support inside the CD iso (network install), i really
do not see a point in that.

Is there any way i can build my own network install iso with USB support, or
that you supply me & the public with one of those? I dont see point in
saving space here :/

tit petric

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