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[Autoreply] Re: Here to find out more!

This message is an automatic reply confirming that your message to


has been received. This automatic reply does *not* mean that your
message has been read yet.

Please note that we only provide formal technical support to users
of Pegasus Mail and/or Mercury who have licensed manual sets from
us and who have quoted their license number in the subject line of
their message.

If you have not licensed a manual set, or if you have not included
your license number in the subject line of your message, you may or
may not get a reply depending on our workload, although our teams of
support volunteers will do the best they can to help you if possible.

If you are unlicensed, you can also send any message to

this will retrieve an automatic reply with information on public
support forums and mailing lists where you may be able to get help.

Licensed users will usually get a response from us within two business
days of receiving this autoreply.

Best regards,

Pegasus Mail Technical Support.

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