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Introducing BusinessCardcdr.com

Don't get left out of the BEST directory in your industry!!!

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About us:
    BusinessCardcdr.com is an industry specific website where consumers, can find sources for blank media, duplication, replication, and media content!  We have an extensive marketing plan scheduled for launch between Sept. 15th and Sept. 30th.  This plan is projected to bring in at least 10,000 targeted hits within the first month!

What does this site have to offer?
If you sell any product or service in the CD Business Card industry this site could give you the most exposure available on the web!  We offer several platforms of advertising for any budget in order to provide a quality service for our merchants, and a listing that will keep your potential customers coming back!  Our website is divided into three sections including:
1.  Business Card CD-R Sources - categorized as companies who sell blank media
2.  Duplication & Replication Services - categorized as companies who print, duplicate, replicate, or offer all of these services
3.  Presentations and Media Content Sources - categorized as companies who produce multimedia presentations such as Flash or Power Point.

General Listings:
Our general listings are sorted alphabetically by manufacturer or company name.  Each company listed is entitled to one listing per Silver account.

Price Listings:
Price listings are part of the general listing page.  They allow the user to sort companies based on the quantity of blank media desired in the Business Card CD-R Sources section, sort companies based on the quantity of duplication desired on the Duplication & Replication Services section, or sort based on price per hour in the Presentations and Media Content Sources Section.

Main Page Listing:
There are only 10 main page listings available for each category.   These listings are the first thing that any visitor to our website sees. 

Deluxe Listing:
Deluxe listings show at the top of the page when a visitor clicks more results.  These listings are the same as the top ten main page listings, so users have two chances to click anyone within the top ten.  They are only listed until the user resorts the page by price or company.  As the options would not be accurate if they remained at the top.  

Advertising Plans:

Plan Silver Gold Platinum
General Listing
Price Listing
Main Page Listing
Deluxe Listing

If you are interested in our advertising plans, or would like more information, please email us Info@Businesscardcdr.com


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