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bsd and now debian MD5

Hello to to all you folks who know more than me.

I download and rsync files.
I make sure I get the MD5SUM or md5sums file.

I type
cat md5sums

and of course it says something like:

488j57557j636t325f73j038  filename.raw

Then I type
md5sum -c md5sums

and the md5sum can actually use the file to check the sum.
Pretty simple.  Useful.

Now I get this md5sum from BSD sites and now a Debian site.

I type
cat md5sums

and now it says something like:

MD5 (filename.raw) 488j57557j636t325f73j038

I type
md5sum -c md5sums

and it is not checked, is uncheckable, nothing is checked.

How does a person use this type of md5sum file?
Right now I edit them to be like the usual.

Cheers, Bill Bennet.
"Where the only monopoly we support has a Boardwalk and a Baltic Avenue."

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