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Help - cross-compiler for powerpc-linux

I posted this once before but I have suffered a major failure with my mail

I am a newbie to gnu, linux, and powerpc.
I need to generate a cross-toolchain for host=i686-linux and

I have Debian GNU/Linux 'potato' cds for:

I do not have any access to a powerpc machine. My code will be for an
embedded system running Linux.

Can I get the required target libraries and header files to build
powerpc-linux-gcc from these cds?
If so can someone give me some details?
If not can someone offer an alterative? - maybe even a system to ftp files

Thanks for any help you can give

Jeff Gentry,
Sr. Software Design Engineer
PEI Electronics,
An Integrated Defense Technologies Company
Email: JGentry@pei-idt.com
Voice: (256) 895-2106
Fax:   (256) 895-2222 

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