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Re: The pool system and debian-cd

On Sat, 16 Dec 2000, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

> > Again my understanding, woody and sid will be a file lists that will
> > extract the various packages from pool, and binary-all etc will not exist
> > as such.  The problem I am facing right now is that hurd is in sid and is
> > accessed through woody.  The future problem for debian-cd is very much my
> > present problem with the hurd CD.
> What you can do is grep Architecture:, Section: and Filename: from the
> Packages file(s), and with that info create a second, hard-linked version of
> the archive that is structured in the old-fashioned way. (Actually, Section:
> can't always be trusted; extracting the section from Filename: works better.)
The Hurd CD will almost certainly have to be restructured in the old way
as I doubt if any of the Hurd versions of apt, dselect et al would
understand anything else on a CD.  But first get the transition to pool


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