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Re: The pool system and debian-cd

On Sat, 16 Dec 2000, jason andrade wrote:

> On Sat, 16 Dec 2000, Philip Charles wrote:
> > Does any one know if debian-cd will work with the incoming pool system?
> just to check.. i'm curious too.. are we both taking about
> make-pseudo-image ?
I hadn't considered pseudo-image.  My understanding is that potato will
still remain as such, but it will be made up of symlinks to pool, so I
would expect speudo-image and debian-cd to work with potato (possibly
needing a little tweeking).

Again my understanding, woody and sid will be a file lists that will
extract the various packages from pool, and binary-all etc will not exist
as such.  The problem I am facing right now is that hurd is in sid and is
accessed through woody.  The future problem for debian-cd is very much my
present problem with the hurd CD.

> > At the moment I am producing a series of Hurd installation CDs of
> > improving quality and I have put the project on hold as from today as I am
> > now updating my mirror which means that I am converting to pool.
> i just finished updating.. it took the better part of a day so far.
Everything is slooow.  I am getting further and further behind.


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