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Re: debian_cd version with potato support now in cvs.

On 28 May 1999, Jens Ritter wrote:

> Philip Charles <philipc@copyleft.co.nz> writes:
> > Sounds great, where and how do I get debian-cd?
> For developers,
> $ export CVSROOT=:ext:<your login>@cvs.debian.org:/usr/var/cvs/debian-boot
> $ export CVS_RSH=ssh
> $ cvs checkout debian-cd
> or
> http://cvs.debian.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb/
	Got into here nicely.

Downloaded something, now I have to work out how to use it.

Something to do with diffs?  I will need to learn.  Any hints?
Then I will be able to start on my idiot testing and code butchering.

> I now there also is a chance for anonymous access, but I don't know
> how to do it.


Philip Charles; 39a Paterson St., Abbotsford, New Zealand; +64 3 4882818
I sell Debian GNU/Linux CDs.   See http://www.copyleft.co.nz

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