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Re: Hugin (zthread) build error on kfreebsd*

2010/11/28 Andreas Metzler <ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org>:
> I am pretty sure kfreebsd* should end up in the same boat as FreeBSD
> and Linux, but am not sure on which #define I should try to match. It
> should reasonably clean for forwarding upstream. Comparing "gcc -dM -E
> /tmp/foo.c" on Linux and kfreebsd was not very helpful (Or should I
> match on on __FreeBSD_kernel__)?
> Any hints?

If this define implies something about the userland part of the
C API, you should use __GLIBC__.  ZT_POSIX (as opposed to
ZT_WIN32 or such) seems to be the case (this has to do with
the thread API, right?).

Robert Millan

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