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Re: fuse4bsd on kfreebsd?

On 8/8/10, Erik Larsson <catacombae@gmail.com> wrote:
>   PUFFS is probably nice, but emulating libfuse with librefuse has a
> number of drawbacks that I discovered when porting FUSE file systems to
> NetBSD. Most importantly it only tends to work for simple cases... more
> advanced libfuse functionality is unsupported, so it can only support a
> subset of the FUSE filesystems that are out there.
> So I think that FUSE is the way to go. It seems to work well enough in
> 7.x/8.x and as it has been in the ports tree (together with a number of
> FUSE file systems) for some time now it's probably more mature than the
> PUFFS port which doesn't even seem to be in FreeBSD at all yet.

I got the impression that fuse4bsd is abandoned with Alex Beckert's
mail (he said last commit 17 months ago, last release in 2007). It's a
pity that it was never merged in FreeBSD src tree, I think then it
would be better maintained.

PUFFS looks promising because it was merged in NetBSD, but I didn't
know about the limitations you describe.

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