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Re: [Pkg-clamav-devel] Please give back clamav on kfreebsd-{i386, amd64}

Hi kfreebsd people,

> Michael Tautschnig <mt@debian.org> (27/07/2010):
> > > I have no idea why the test suite of clamav failed when building
> > > on both kfreebsd architectures (although in different tests);
> > > first, the changes in -3 as compared to -2 should not have caused
> > > this, second it builds fine on asdfasdf.debian.net. Could someone
> > > therefore please reschedule a build on clamav on the kfreebsd
> > > buildds?
> Yes, done.

It seems that ulimit -d 600000 is not allowed on kfreebsd-i386. Is there
something wrong with that value?

Thanks a lot,

PS.: Please keep pkg-clamav-devel CC'ed

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