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Re: Request for advise with struct stat, ACL, xattr, zlib


> > None of the optional libraries and system
> > features is used in the buildd compile runs:
> > - libacl
> > - support for Extended Attributes
> > - zlib
> > Nevertheless, the aspects of ACL and xattr are
> > also porting issues.

Guillem Jover:
> This is a general packaging bug, there's missing Build-Depends

This is promised to be adjusted when the next
release of libisofs comes out. The package shall
depend on all three if available at all.
Can we assume libacl to be installed on vanilla
Debian/kfreebsd systems ?

I have tried to react on the warnings of buildd
on kfreebsd. The release is planned to come soon.

Any hints about differences between ACL APIs
of Linux and FreeBSD ?
What about xattr ?
(Extended Attributes, Linux getfattr(1),

Have a nice day :)


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