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kfreebsd 6.0 release notes


I was reading the release note for FreeBSD 6.0 (kernel parts), and found some
things that might concern us:

> struct ifnet and the network interface API have been changed. Due to ABI
> incompatibility, all drivers not in the FreeBSD base system need to be updated
> to use the new API and recompiled.

I don't track glibc developement very closely.  Does this affect us?

> Recomputing the summary information for ?dirty? UFS and UFS2 file systems is
> no longer done at mount time, but is now done by background fsck(8). This
> change improves the startup speed when mounting large file systems after a
> crash. The prior behavior can be restored by setting the
> vfs.ffs.compute_summary_at_mount sysctl variable to a non-zero value.

I don't think we have this "background fsck" feature in our init scripts (is
this related to UFS snapshotting?).  Is this a problem?  Should we implement
it or just set that sysctl to 1 to bring back the old behavior?

Robert Millan

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