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Re: presentation and help needed

On Sat, May 17, 2003 at 11:48:32PM -0300, Matias wrote:
> Helo:
> 	I have a debian machine runing for 4/5 years, and a month ago I decided to try
> te FreeBSD flavor of Debian. But when I try to find informatin about it, it
> wasn't too much, so I instaled FreeBSD, hoping that I will be able to debianize
> my FreeBSD box once I get used of the things relatred to FreeBSD.
> 	And now I have some things runing quite well in FreeBSD, and is time to
> debianize this thing.
> 	Can you say me what steps I have to do? (obiosly, if  that is posible to
> debianize my FreeBSD)

The only GNU/FreeBSD effort that is not currently stalled is the Glibc-based
system. Please see my last messages about it:


Robert Millan

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