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Advertising Inquiry: Display Banner Ads

Hope you're doing well.

I was looking through your website but could not find the specific email/contact person in charge of programmatic advertising.

debian has great potential for good additional monthly revenue from branded advertisers.
I'm from PixFuture Media and our advertisers are interested to buy display banner ads from you.

Can you help direct me to the right team? Otherwise, if this is the correct email, are you available for a call anytime next week?

Best Regards,
PixFutureSean Miller / Account Manager / www.pixfuture.com
7191 Yonge St, Suite 812, Toronto, Canada  |  +1.888.757.9997 |  Email: s.miller@pixfuture.com  |  
News: PixFuture in the Top 100 US properties

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