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Gecos... gecos? Because because!!!!

Dear Debi-dev(s).
I find myself reaching for a beer when I get hot under the collar about silliness which exists in abundance and want to point a stick at a mirror and tell people one by one to go to Hell. I can't be saying I won't continue to do that in the privacy of my own home, but I most certainly find reaching for a stout beer, even if it is half way through the morning, a much more productive use of my time.
But even here I figure your advice would come in handy.

With the help of my advisors, I will have to cut back to one stout beer a day (Castle Milk Stout, btw). This stuff is about as addictive as shit-posting. People who think they're addicted to shit posting have probably not tried sticking it somewhere they can go back to and revise when they find themselves thinking, "maybe I shouldn't have told that person to go to hell, or tell the entire American population to drown themselves".

Which is where we found ourselves, when we were trying to come to terms with what we see going on, with the insight of a man and an overgrown boy who have spent no less than thirty-five years, together watching with interest (and horror) the industry of all industries.

Which is to say, the Microcomputer Industry.

But now I've resorted to the first person plural... a habit I am trying to kick, unless by way of instruction. I don't hold out much hope. I do hope this stout holds out to the end of this email. Getting myself a cup of coffee, therefore, and a piece of ham and a piece of cheese so as not to forget what this world is about, I humbly apologize to the good hearted Americans, who I know exist in abundance, if they saw a person who goes by the twitter handle of imperialsixfour saying hateful, spiteful, and, to be quite honest, impatient nonsense.

Impatient, because we (I give up) have had to work for about a month on getting ourselves to the point where we can make contact with the people we know exist.

Please read the following webdocs of mine, to the first of which this email is attached.

• Gecos because .. because <https://killtheworld.co.za/gecos>!
• Sentimental dross floss <https://killtheworld.co.za/sentimental>!
• Gnu-Brian gets on his feet after an (expert) sex change <https://killtheworld.co.za/gnu-brian>(?).

We have made a tune which we would like to dedicate to Ian Murdoch, but which obviously we can't do without having the GNU-Team-of-teams (in our opinion) talking to us. And we're struggling to find the right MIDI editor which will allow us to include a dedication (hence our reference to the PMS package).

What do you say?

ROTFLMAO (Read over this fairly lengthy message about our) gnu love.

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