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Bug#984846: netcfg: Default hostname hardcoded in netcfg-common


Le mardi 09 mars 2021, Cyril Brulebois a écrit :
> My first reaction was “we could make that configurable on a per-vendor
> fashion” (e.g. via debian/rules) but reading you are already patching
> debian/netcfg-common.templates, why aren't you patching the two harcoded
> locations in the first place?

We are patching it because there's no other clean way to change the
default hostname for a derivative, see #719101 for another kali report
related to this.

But it would be really nice if we didn't have to patch any this udeb
(even though it's really not hardwork).

Le mardi 09 mars 2021, Arnaud Rebillout a écrit :
> It would be nice if instead it would default to the value that is set in
> 'netcfg/get_hostname'. However I'm nost sure how to achieve that, as
> I'm not familiar with the netcfg code at all, and it's not clear if we
> can still get this value at this moment in the code, or if it has been
> overwritten by the user's input.

Actually in #719101 I suggested to use a dedicated debconf variable to
control the default value... that value could be used in both places.

Raphaël Hertzog

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