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Bug#701694: New 3.8 experimental kernel-version built

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Yesterday I slightly reconfigured the 3.9 kernel source on this box as
embedded low-latency-desktop and disabled a few unneeded drivers and was a bit surprised
that this actually built just fine and the result is running more nicely, too.
So my current configuration is attached in compressed format, in case anybody wants to try
this. I recommend it.
Also, the world should know, that I am using the cairo-dock now and quite like it,
because it provides all the features, that have been missing, like system-load-monitor,
plain, old-fashioned application-start-menu and it can hold a launcher for custom
installed firefox, which could not be 'added to favourites' beforehand.
It is also highly configurable, possibly there are even a few settings and switches too
many, anyway it is far better than the gnome-dock from shell-extensions, that used to
stick on the right side of the screen, incommodating me, when using scroll-bars also on
the right side. 
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