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Bugreport on console-setup

Hello, Debian Install System Team,

I have a strange bug with console-setup. I use Debian (installed squeeze 6.0, then upgraded to sid), linux kernel 2.6.37-1, console-setup 1.69 and a framebuffer that comes by default.
Problem: when i did 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup' and chose some settings, after reboot i've lost 2 characters to the left of the screen. So 'username@userhost:~$' becomes 'ername...', 'password:' becomes 'ssword:', 'will now halt' becomes 'll now halt' etc. I've tried different settings like changing layout from various Latin, Cyrillic and Combined, changing font (fixed, VGA, Terminus) - same result. I don't know where to put this bugreport.

I use widescreen monitor Acer V223HQ.

Thank you.

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