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Bug#313328: installation-reports: hang trying to access SATA drive attached thru VIA VT8237

Following advise from Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>,
tried typing 'linux26' at the boot prompt. My problem is solved!
Installation completed, desktop now up and running. I'm now
fighting my ignorance in a much better position.

Even knowing the 'linux26' solution, I was unable to find it in
the bundled documentation
It would have helped to have in section 5.3.3 something like:
"If an installation using the default kernel fails for some reason
(e.g. accessing a SATA drive prior to partitionning), try entering
'linux26' at the boot prompt".

I let it to more seasoned debian-ers to determine if the issue
that the default kernel (2.4) does not work for my (pretty common)
setup is worth pursuing.

[In retrospect, I should have explored the boot prompt and found that
an alternate kernel 2.6 is available]

Many thanks to the Debian team, and Christian Perrier!

  Francois Grieu, debian novice

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