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Problems with partitioning

Good day to all,

I am an absolute novice (5 days old) in Linux, with some years of
experience with Mac OS. I am trying to install a Linux distro in an
unproductive G3 Powerbook (New World Macs)

Here's what i have done:.

Using Mac OS Disk Utility partition my 12 GB harddrive to 2 partitions,
both approx 5.5gb (Mac OS extended)

Upon booting with debian cd set (cd 1 Debian 3.0 30r4 PPC-binary),
things went smoothly, only when i arrived at the partitioning (with
'mac-fdisk') part, I can't seemed to proceed further. Here's the

cmd c - create new LINUX partition

First Block: 10p              
(targeted to the partition number i have allocated for the installation
for Debian)

Length : 10p
(to indicate use of the entire partition)

and when it comes to 'Name of partition', whatever names i try to give,
single word or string with quotes, it just prompted:

"requested base and length is not within an existing free partition"

I must have missed something somewhere, can anyone help with my



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