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From: Nathanael Nerode [mailto:neroden@twcny.rr.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 7:17 AM
Subject: Re: Bug#239627: mails stupid debconf note to user when lilo is
installed in d-i

Joey Hess wrote:

> Andrés Roldán wrote:
>> If you look into the lilo.config file on debian directory of the lilo 
>> source, you will notice that this warning is being displayed because 
>> there is a file called /boot/boot.b being either a symbolic link or a 
>> normal file. Those files were used by lilo prior to 22.3.3 versions 
>> and you _really_ need to rerun lilo if you are upgrading from such 
>> lower versions. This is the case when upgrading from woody to sarge. 
>> That's why this debconf note is there.
>> The question is, why are those files there when installing a new 
>> system? Newer versions of lilo don't create that file. If 
>> lilo-installer is creating it, I'd really want to know why.
> Could it have anything to do with the lilo.conf file having 
> install=/boot/boot.b in it?
Probably.  It shouldn't; it shouldn't really have any "install=" line at all
by default, for a current version -- or "install=menu", which is much like
the default -- or "install=bmp", which is correct if there's a "bitmap="
option in the file.

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