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Re: install error

At 17:06 +0200 9/12/02, Chris Tillman wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 04:00:22PM +0400, Pavel A. Korshunov wrote:
>> Help me, please, installation Debian 3.0:
>> Kernel panic: ccio-dma.c: ccio_alloc_range() I/O MMU is out of mapping
>> In interrupt handler - not syncing
>> My hardware:
>> HP9000, model D250, single processor, 64Mb Memory, Fast - SCSI Drive
>>2Gb, Video - none (console)
>Have you tried all the i386 flavors?

a HP9000 is a PA-RISC machine, not a i386 machine.
(Welcome to the world of multiple architectures ;-) )

I suggest to contact also the debian-hppa mailinglist.

Geert St

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