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Re: netinst on a Dell pe1650 whith PXE

At 18:10 +0200 9/9/02, <abory@g2ms.com> wrote:
>Hi dear fellows,
>I've found on Matt Domsh's page [1] a netinst suitable for a Dell pe1650
>   bootbf2.4.19-ac4.iso
>Unfortunatly I'm not very aware with linux net booting.
>At this point, DHCP and TFTP work fine.
>I'm curently trying PXE to boot the pe1650. But I don't know how to organise
>the tftp root directory, an I do not know which options are necessary in the
>xxxx config file in order to boot the kernel, the one with the booting
>machine's hex IP adress. Here are some details about my confs.
>inetd.conf :
>   tftp           dgram   udp     wait    root /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -r blksize
>Now what I get on the pe1650 screen:
>   PXELINUX Version: 1.75-1 (Debian, 2002-06-20) blahblah
>   UNDI data segment at: 00091530
>   UNDI data segment size: B440
>   UNDI code segment at: 0009C970
>   UNDI code segment size: 2E00
>   PXE entry point found (we hope) at 9C97:0106
>   ip=
>   TFTP prefix: /tftpboot/
>   Trying to load: pxelinux.cfg/C0A80166
>   Could not find kernel image: linux

>   boot: _
>I tryed first directly with the .iso file, then I tried mounting it in a
>                           boot.catalog
>                           dists/...8<...
>          pxelinux.0
>          pxelinux.cfg/C0A80166
>my pxelinux.cfg/C0A80166 is rather simple as I do not yet understand how to
>populate it :
>   LABEL pe1650
>     KERNEL vmlinuz

>     APPEND initrd=bootbf2.4.19-ac4/boot/rescue.bin
>So if someone could help me, it would be great !!!

The 'linux' and the 'vmlinuz' don't match.

Geert St

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