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Bug#83431: TFTP Boot Failure

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.20-2000-12-03
architecture: sparc
model: Sun SparcStation 2
memory: 32MB RAM
scsi: default

I ran a RARP and TFTP server on an Intel box on the same subnet as the Sparc. 
 I can get the Sparc to boot from the net using the "boot net" command.  
tcpdump on the intel box shows the RARP transaction and the tftp transfer of 
the boot image.  The sparc counts the bytes received in hex, then prints 
"TILO" immediately and after about a 5 second delay it prints "Booting 
Linux..." and hangs.  I have had RedHat 6.2 running on this box for some time 
now and I wanted to change it to a Debian machine.

Dave Huseby
Code Monkey

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