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Bug#83154: Teles 16.3 in AXP noname

Package: kernel? modconf?
Version: 2.2.17
Architecture: alpha

When trying to add a Teles 16.3 ISDN card to my Alpha noname, modconf
hangs my computer after entering the configuration.

The ISA configuration from the SRM console:

>>>isacfg -slot 3 -dev 0

handle: Teles-16.3
etyp: 1
slot: 3
dev: 0
enadev: 1
totdev: 1
iobase0: 180   iobase1: 8000000000000000
iobase2: 8000000000000000   iobase3: 8000000000000000
iobase4: 8000000000000000   iobase5: 8000000000000000
membase0: 8000000000000000   memlen0: 8000000000000000
membase1: 8000000000000000   memlen1: 8000000000000000
membase2: 8000000000000000   memlen2: 8000000000000000
rombase: 8000000000000000   romlen:   8000000000000000
dma0: 80000000          irq0: a
dma1: 80000000          irq1: 80000000
dma2: 80000000          irq2: 80000000
dma3: 80000000          irq3: 80000000

The actual hangup:

root@atacama> modconf


mtype=3 io=0x180 irq=10 protocol=2 id=isdn0


Installing module hisax. If the device isn't there, or isn't configured correctly, this could cause your system to pause for up to a minute.

ISDN subsystem Rev: 1.100/1.84/1.114/1.63/none/1.4 loaded
Teles 16.3: IRQ(10) getting no interrupts during init 1

And now the computer hangs, and needs a reset.

I have found, that this hangup resulted from an interrupt conflict
between the Teles ISA card on irq 10, and the PCI VGA card which also
takes irq 10. It can be resolved by removing one of the two cards or
finding an interrupt of the set (5, 9, 10, 12, 15), which can be
reassigned to the Teles card.

The irq of the VGA card does not show up in /proc/interrupts:
root@atacama> cat /proc/interrupts 
  1:          0    keyboard
  4:       2033   +serial
  5:          8   +serial
  8:    2581088    timer
 11:       8279    ncr53c8xx
 15:      11052    DE200 (eth0)
but in /proc/pci 
root@atacama> cat /proc/pci 
PCI devices found:
  Bus  0, device   6, function  0:
    Non-VGA device: NCR 53c810 (rev 1).
      Medium devsel.  IRQ 11.  Master Capable.  Latency=255.  
      I/O at 0x8000 [0x8001].
      Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0x4200000 [0x4200000].
  Bus  0, device   7, function  0:
    Non-VGA device: Intel 82378IB (rev 3).
      Medium devsel.  Master Capable.  No bursts.  
  Bus  0, device   8, function  0:
    VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. Trio32/Trio64 (rev 84).
      Medium devsel.  IRQ 10.  
      Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0x14000000 [0x14000000].

This seems like a bug in the design of the PC hardware.

It might be possible test for this sort of conflict.
If it is not possible a warning should be added to the documentation
of the ISDN cards to watch out for interrupt conflicts.

Anyway, it seems very difficult to add an ISA ISDN card to a PCI + ISA
PC like motherboard as there are usually no free interrupts:

IRQ:	Device:
  0	reserved
  1	keyboard
  2	same as IRQ 9
  3	COM2
  4	COM1
  5	COM3	or other, sometimes available
  6	floppy
  7	LPT1		  sometimes reasignable
  8	timer
  9	COM4	or other, sometimes available
 10	VGA		  often not assignable
 11	SCSI (NCR or Adaptec)
 12	mouse		  often not assignable, was free in old ISA PCs
 13	math error
 14	IDE hd
 15	IDE hd or ethernet


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