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Bug#80325: AW: Bug#80325: Installer misreports partition numbers

Hi Adam,

	> Anyway, I can see two problems here:
	> 1. The installer gets the partition numbers wrong, which it shouldn't.
	> 2. The choices presented in menus like 'initialize a swap partition' or
	> 'mount a previously initialized Linux partition' cannot be edited,
	> forcing the user either to live with bogus choices or refrain from
	> installing Debian.

	No -- giving choices for every little thing is not the answer.  The
	alternative is to go into tty2 and do stuff manually.

Good point, but in the particular menus I mentioned, you are already giving choices anyway. I was just thinking that an extra option labeled "none of the above --  mount the following partition: _______" might be helpful for non-guru users (like me) who can't immediately think of the right incantation to type into tty2. It doesn't look like a terribly complicated feature to add either. On the other hand, anything is trivial to implement if somebody else has to do the work, so maybe I better shut up now ;-)



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