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Bug#52800: base: programs in nis_3.5-2 on alpha segmentation fault

In article <cistron.199912151640.IAA23077@scanner.atmos.washington.edu>,
 <harry@atmos.washington.edu> wrote:
>Package: base
>Version: N/A
>domainname, ypcat, ypwhich segmenation fault with nis_3.5-2 and kernel 2.2.12.

On certain Alpha hardware, the 2.2.x kernels have serious problems
which are only solved in 2.2.14pre12 and later. Squid had a similar

On the Alpha I have access to it works fine:

alpha-quadrant# uname -a
Linux alpha-quadrant 2.3.30 #1 Mon Nov 29 10:31:07 CET 1999 alpha unknown
alpha-quadrant# domainname

Try a newer kernel.

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