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Re: Bug#47913: console-tools-libs: Priority required causes dselect problems on serial console machines

Matt Porter writes:
 > I still don't understand how dselect decides what packages it must
 > automagically select.

My guess is that dselect only ever automatically chooses a state when
it has never seen the package before.

 >  It seems it just marks everything that is required,
 > standard or important as "install"  How do I mark the console-* packages as
 > "purge" or "hold" from a script?  

echo "console-tools purge" | dpkg --set-selections

 > As it stands now, the script does a dpkg --purge to remove console-*, but
 > entering dselect by default sets them back to "install".

I'm not sure but using --set-selections before entering dselect may
prevent it to do its usual guess.

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