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Keep playing around with bf-common:

After issuing
	rakefet:/# /root/pkgsel 
I got
	/root/pkgsel: [: too many arguments
And then I got the ncurses screen of Debian Installation.

1) The marked line is able to be in the 3rd and 5th empty lines, although only 
the 1st, 2nd and 4th are meaningful, and neither the Ok nor the Cancel are 
marked for being the default. (Yet Ok is the default)
2) List and T.List bring me to the back screen. 
3) Custom gives:
	Please select the tasks you will perform with this system:                  
	Note: the following selections install only a minimal subset of 
 	the hundreds of packages in the Debian distribution. You may

			Ok		Cancel

After I returned with Cancel I saw that more 
	/root/pkgsel: [: too many arguments
were hidden by the ncurses screen.

BTW: Is the chroot reversible in some way (is there a way back)?

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