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Bug#49172: dalvarez: Re: ["Nigel R. Armfield" <N.R.Armfield@lmu.ac.uk>] Bug#49172: Boot problems

I suspect that there is a fundamental issue surrounding the
floppy drive. I know that the drive is not faulty and performed
as expected under my old SunOS.

As well as having difficulty at boot, I now find that I cannot
seem to write a rescue floppy either! - I admit I haven't tried
very hard yet, but it's not looking good.

My eventual intended platform is actually a SPARC IPC which
may be even worse - I'll let you know if it has the same,or
different symptoms when I've finished playing with the IPX...

Best wishes,



On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, Daniel Alvarez wrote:

> after booting debian says that the fdd of my 
> LX is a "post-1993"-model. with this i never
> had errors on PROM-Level but the recently 
> described "I/O-port already in use"-message 
> is output sometimes when i try to mount the
> device (not reproduceable). maybe the IPX-
> series whose owners reported the error with
> the boot-disks has an older drive, as AFAIK
> it was released earlier, which doesn't work
> with the disks. it is possible that the whole
> problem turns out to be an incompatibility 
> with an older fdd-model. then maybe a change
> of the disk-image to accomplish the older
> standart solves it, assuming that the "post 
> 1993"-drive is backwards compatible.
> IPX-users should check the model-# of the fdd
> _________________
> d-alvarez@gmx.net

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