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Please test: UDD based tasks / bugs pages for testing


it took longer than expected but finally I've got
some preview on the new UDD based tasks pages.
A "preview" means it is only available on our testing
host on the Debian Med dedicated box and not at the
official alioth pages because I expect some unintended
behaviour and I also even know some issues from the
log files - but it is now in a state I would like
to hear some comments before releasing to alioth.

Just have a look at


Internal changes:  Formerly the Packages file and the
DDTP translation files for sid (and only for sid) and
architecture i386 (and only for this architecture)
were considered to build tasks and bugs pages.  Now
the central source of information is the Ultimate
Debian Database[1] which gives really easy access to
all releases (from Etch to Sid and even experimental
is considered) and all architectures.  This ensures
a much more fine grained information.

Visible changes:

Tasks pages: The categories are more fine grained.
There are three possible "green" categories: The
dependant and recommendet packages from main,
suggested packages from main and packages from contrib
or non-free which were dwongraded to suggested.
We have a new yellow section: Packages which are
only in experimental.  Moreover the other yellow
section which was formerly "plain" unofficial packages
was split up into those packages which are packaged
right in our own repositories and those which are
maintained somewhere else.  Also the red categories
(no package available) were split up in those with
WNPP bugs and others.  This should give more fine
grained information about the status of a package.

Furthermore instead of the former link to the arch i386
which was an unmotivated preference for this architecture
was replaced by a link to the general packages.d.o
page featuring all releases and archs.  In addition
there is an "Information" icon featuring a tooltip
with all available versions.  I hope you like this
new feature - comments are welcome.

Bugs pages: There was a request for displaying the
VCS URL of packages if they are maintained in VCS.
I promissed this feature for the UDD based version and
voila there is it.

Visible bugs (next things to fix):

  - Some tranlsation have encoding problems - I suspect
    the problem on my side
  - Verbatim parts in long descriptions are printed with
    newlines - I have to sort out this
  - any other???

Next things to do:

  1. Move information from NEW queu to UDD (90% done)
     and add a section about packages in NEW queue.
  2. Move information from snapshots.debian.net to
     UDD and add a screenshot feature to the tasks

I really want to finish this *before* DebConf.

Any other ideas?

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/UltimateDebianDatabase


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